Articles and Reviews

Abeel, Daphne
"Boyajian opens second New York Show" The Armenian Mirror Spectator Sept. 14 2002

“Boyajian Sells Painting to New American Embassy in Yerevan” The Armenian Mirror Spectator Jan. 15, 2005

“Boyajian’s Paintings Portray a Possible Peaceable World” The Armenian Mirror Spectator Feb. 14 2009

Art and Antiques September 2002

Barsch, Sky
“Brush with Destiny” Vermont Life Autumn 2009

Bergstein, Gerald
"Art Feature-Gail Boyajian" Agni 52

Cohen, David
Gallery Going The New York Sun Thursday July 31, 2003

Cook, Greg
“Burning Issues” The Boston Phoenix June 22, 2007

Costa, Eduardo
"Gail Boyajian" New York Arts November 2002

"Peak Day" (catalogue essay "For the Birds" exhibition) Artspace New Haven CT Jan 2004

Crivellaro, Serena
"For the Birds' not for the weak of heart, flightly" The Yale Herald Jan 23, 2004

Denton, Rebecca
"Artistic Family puts on a Show" Valley News May 17, 2001

Guiliano, Charles
"New American Paintings" Maverick Arts February 18 2004

Harpers Magazine p.96 March 2007

The Hartford Courant “Best Bets” June 21, 2007

Hanson, Alex
“Art Notes” Valley News June 28, 2007
“Art of the Future, Vermont Style” Valley News March 12, 2009

Jackman, Bob
“Conversation Continues” The Patriot Ledger July 2-3 2005

Johnson, Ken
"Holiday Realities" New York Times Jan. 4, 2002

Livesey, Margot
“What Makes Good Art?” Boston Globe May 11, 2009

McQuaid, Cate
“Nature Lovers” Boston Globe March 28, 2013
“Fantastical Landscapes” Boston Globe Feb. 12. 2009
“Critics Pics” Boston Globe January 4, 2007
"These artistic couples make a picture-perfect match" Boston Globe Friday October 10, 2003
"Boyajian's Broad Horizons" Boston Globe Friday November 14, 2003
"Critics Pics" Boston Globe March 14, 2004
“Pick of the Week” Boston Globe January 4, 2007

Miller, Francine
"Figure, Fantasy and Illusion- Selections from the Arthur Goldberg Collection" (catalogue essay) Danforth Museum Framingham MA February 2000

Pease, Theresa
"Those who Can, Teach" Andover Bulletin Winter 2004

Parcellin, Paul
"Gallery 57 Cambridge Arts Council- Gail Boyajian Recent Work" Art New England June/July 1996

Sanctuary-Journal of the Massachusetts Audubon Society Jan/Feb 2001

Temin, Christine
"Best of Show " Boston Globe September 20,1996
"Morgan center Model, Drawings on Display" Boston Globe March 21, 2001

Weisgall, Deborah
“Working Solo” Architecture Boston August 2009
Books and Catalogues

"Artist Resource Trust: The First Ten Years" (catalogue) September 2006

"New American Paintings" 1997, 2004

"The Jinn and Other Poems" (cover)
Amira El-Zein
Arrowsmith Publishers 2006

"100 Boston Painters"
edited by Chawky Frenn
Schitter Publishers 2012

"Finding Higher Ground" (cover)
Amy Seidl
Beacon Press 2011

Ploughshares (cover)
Vol. 41 No. 4
Winter 2015/2016

Agni 52 (cover)
Boston University

The Art of Action 2009-2010
Vermont Arts Council 2009

"Enchantment" catalogue
Hartford School of Art 2009
University of Hartford

Fuller Museum Eighth Triennial catalogue

Image/Text catalogue
GASP April 8-May 15 2005
poem"What Survives" by
Harte Weiner
Inspired by "Back Bay in Ruins"