Public Art Projects
Gail C. Boyajian Public Art Projects
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Wantagh Station Public Art Proposal

This was the presentation made to the NY MTA as the site-specific proposal for the decorative glass friezes and mosaics in the commuter station
Gail C. Boyajian Public Art Projects oil on paper
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Examples of Bird paintings for Wantagh friezes
oil on paper
varies-life size

I painted about 20 bird species as well as small reptiles, insects, fish and shells for the three habitats around Wantagh Station. These represent the technique used
Gail C. Boyajian Public Art Projects photoshop graphic
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Bird Mosaic design
photoshop graphic

Project for the Maud Morgan Visual Arts Center and the Cambridge Arts Council: This design was developed from a painting "The Bird Gods". Birds were used symbolically in Greek mythology. Dove for Aphrodite, Crow for Apollo, Eagle for Zues, Owl for Athena
Gail C. Boyajian Public Art Projects stone, ceramic and glass tesserae
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Installation of mosaic with detail
stone, ceramic and glass tesserae
9" l x 2"w

Mosaic with bird imagery as installed at Maud Morgan Visual Arts Center, a public art project for Cambridge MA
Gail C. Boyajian Public Art Projects lazer cut painted steel
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Otter Fence, Larch Road, Cambridge MA
lazer cut painted steel
6" h x 50'l

This project designed and fabricated for the Cambridge Arts Council. It consists of a band of baby otter sillouettes welded to the top edge of a fence surrounding a children's play area near Fresh Pond, an area that these animals once inhabited.